Cat Rescue Hotline

Cat rescue in Springfield and Eugene Oregon.

Who you gonna call?

(Not the fire department)

It's a scene that's all too familiar: Fluffy, your beloved feline companion, has somehow managed to climb up a tree and is now stuck, meowing pitifully for help. What's a concerned pet parent to do? Never fear, because the community arborist is here to save the day!

First things first: Remain calm. Panicking will only make the situation worse, and besides, cats are notorious for getting themselves into and out of sticky situations. Take a deep breath and assess the situation. Is Fluffy stuck up high, or is she within reach? If she's close enough, you may be able to coax her down with treats or a favorite toy.

If Fluffy is out of reach, it's time to bring in the big guns. Don't try to climb the tree yourself - unless you're a trained arborist, you could risk damaging the tree or, even worse, falling and getting injured. Instead, call in the professionals. The community arborist has the equipment and expertise to safely rescue Fluffy from her perch.

So, the next time Fluffy finds herself stuck in a tree, remember: The community arborist has got your back (and Fluffy's too)!

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